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Szpital Wojewódzki w Koszalinie

Range of activity

The Koszalin Hospital acts within the Western – Pomeranian District, specificly the area of the once Koszalin State, together with a part of the once Słupsk and Piła Discrict. Nowadays a population of over 600.000 receives our services, which mainly live in the eastern part of the State.

The Western – Pomeranian council created the Hospital and the State`s Administration controls its doings. The city of Koszalin is where the Hospital is located. The Hospital`s aims are mainly to grand medical treatment to all In need, especially as it goes for:

  • check – ups and advice
  • treatment
  • healing rehabilitation
  • diagnostics and analysis
  • nursing care
  • health statements
  • profilactic action as well as educational
  • civil defense
  • immediate aid

The main representative for the Hospital is the director.

There is a Civil Commitee within the Hospital.

The Nicolas Copernicus State Hospital in Koszalin 2002-2013 (c)